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My walking was improved, you expressed real concern and gave me encouragement, Dr. Iqbal is the best!

Lisa M.

I was so impressed with the experience, was seen quickly and given great TLC out of a hospital setting. I was extremely impressed with the collaboration and followup with my primary care doctor.

Nora M.

Treatment has enabled me to want to leave my house and enjoy life again- I can now walk, standup, or sit without constant pain. I was pleased with the polite & professional care. I would recommend Dr. Iqbal to anyone. 

Helen D.

The staff goes out of their way to assist, answer any questions, and make you feel comfortable. Professional, capable, pleasant.

Sharon M.

I recently had the uterine fibroid embolization performed by Dr. Azher Iqbal at Buffalo Vascular Care. It has been made apparent by both Dr. Iqbal and his staff’s actions that the patient is number one. Clearly, this is a highly professional, friendly, efficient team that works cohesively for the total well being of the patient.

Suzanne P.

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